PAVING REPAIR SERVICES in Barrington, New Hampshire



If you've been thinking about repairing or repaving your parking lot, think precision. Whether you need base preparation, patchwork, driveway repair, stripping, or seal coating, Precision Paving provides solid and long-lasting solutions.

By strengthening your project from the ground up, we work to provide long years of security and safety that your investments deserve. Our paving and maintenance contractor company uses the most advanced machines, all matched with master technicians, to ensure consistent results every time.

Seal Coating

Precision Paving offers maintenance and repair services that include seal coating driveways and parking lots. Seal coating covers the asphalt surface to make it waterproof and helps prevent cracks, and other stress related expansion issues. Seal coating also prevents holes in the asphalt made by gasoline, solvents, and chemicals to preserve the investment that you've made in your driveway or parking lot.
Contact us for affordable precision paving services on your asphalt walkways, driveways, and parking lots.